What is Erasmus Mundus ?

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Erasmus Mundus is a new program that enable European student to study in a higher education institution in a Third country during three months ; or enable un-European to come in order to study in Europe. More than 100 European Masters and around 30 Doctorates already received Erasmus Mundus seal of approval. As the normal Erasmus project, there is a grant system, which sum are more important.

What are Erasmus Mundus' objectives ?

Its objectives are joint into three different actions :

  • Action 1: Commun Program between Masters and Doctorate. They are high quality integrated courses, in commun with at least two Universities, in two different countries. It consists in developping partnerships between European higher education institution and institutions in un-European countries, in order to allow know-tranfers and people mobility.
  • Action 2 : Erasmus Mundus' grants. Masters in the Program come with grants for students all around the world. This grants system is keeping for high qualification people.
  • Action 3 : The associations. Erasmus Mundus give a helping to activities that contribute to higher education European promotion, and aim at increasing European countries attraction, as a studying destination and an academic excellence space at a mundial scale.

Who can participate to this program and how much are the grants ?

  • You need to understand the difference between type A grants, intented to un-European students who come in Europe to study, and type B grants, reserved for European student who want to study in a Third country.
  • Type A grants include travelling and installation fees, around 4000 euros for one year Master. It adds 4000 euros per term for academic costs in the program participation, and 1000 euros of mensual attribution. In total, the financial aids can vary between 24 000 and 48 000 euros functions of your Master period.
  • With Type B grants, students obtain a sum of 3000 euros for travelling fees in an institution considered as Third, which means outside Europe. Moreover, the student will receive 2000 euros per term for participation fees at the Master and 500 euros for mensual attribution. Total aid sum varies between 10 000 euros for prgrams without mobility to a Third country, and 23 000 for longer Programs with mobility.

What are the steps to take in order to praticipate to the Program ?

  • You need to start contacting British Council agency fill in the form, contact point of the national informations for Erasmus Program.
  • After, you need to send your application to the Master/Doctorate coordinator, that you have chosen. The number of application choice are limited to three Master/Doctorate.
  • Application duration starts at least 10 to 11 months before the beginning of the term and stop 9 month before.
  • This Program is reserved to the best students, and selection is rugged. Don't hesitate to add a letter of recomendation and documents that attest to your linguistic language in your application form.

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