Post-Erasmus depression

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dépression post erasmus"The former Erasmus student knows that when they return, their homes feel less glamorous, their towns colder, the television still shabby and their friends lousy" according to Fiorella de Nicola, an italian student who decided to write her thesis about "The Erasmus Anthropology". The "post-Erasmus syndrome" seem to take more and more its toll. Italian, French and German psychologists also labelled the syndrome officially.

It is the end of the “tiramisú-tortilla-crèpes” parties, the nickname of the English girl or boy with a cute accent, all the trips. Come back to the normality, the obligations, the old habits, ... A lot of reasons to be depressed ! Your idyllic life abroad concluded. You should be happy to see again your family and your friends, but during some weeks, you are seized by the "post-Erasmus syndrome". We are not all equals and we don't life it with the same intensity, some people will say that is just a regret, some will stretch to see a professional. Normally, the depression never go on more than two months.

Ex-Erasmus students who suffer from this desease, can't communicate anymore with their families and friends ; they loose their motivation for studying, they don't identify themselves to their circle , they idealize abroad and begin an unsociable behaviour, explain specialists.

Then, during some weeks you try to be a lot on Skype, Facebook or others social networks in order to speak with your friends who are now all over Europe. Living 24 hours of 24, they became a second family for you, you lived the same situations, you understood better each others.

Clearly, Erasmus experience leaves its mark on your life. One other corner is turned, that offered you a lot and make you growing up. The best now is to encourage people you know to study as well abroad, to share your experience and contribute to develop this new "eurogeneration". Get a grip you ! It is difficult to live all your life as an Erasmus student. However, if you really enjoy living abroad, working or doing an internship in Europe, is always simpler, you just need to provide the means !


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