What is the Leonardo da Vinci Project?

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Leonardo da Vinci learning programmeThe Leonardo da Vinci project, as well as the Erasmus project, is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme that Europe offers its citizens since 1995.

The Leonardo project, dedicated to all those who have obtained a bachelor degree or have finished their university career, is thought to:

  • Encourage the mobility and the international cooperation.
  • Support - through funding - the european citizens to acquire new skills, know how and titles approved by all EU Member States through placements abroad.
  • Help to improve the employment rate in the labor market and the professional training.stage and internship

As mobility program, the Leonardo Project, as well as to promote cooperation and mobility, has among its objectives to be useful in learning and improving one or more foreign languages and to give the opportunity to know a different culture and way to work. If you have decided to be part of the Leonardo project, we suggest you to get more informations about it through:

  • Your own University.
  • Websites that deal with international mobility .
  • Websites particularly dedicated to students.

For further informations you can check the website of European Commission.

Good luck!

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