What is the Erasmus project ?

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What is Erasmus project ?About 300 000 students benefit from the Erasmus program each year, in order to study in an European University. You surely heard about this program before, but some points are still blurry ? You will find all the usefull informations here.

Where comes from Erasmus name ?

Programme ErasmusA lot of people talk about it, but they don't necessarily know what Erasmus means. You need a little History course then ! Erasmus word comes from Erasme de Rotterdam, a Dutch theoligian and humanist. Some people say that he was the first European citizen. He lauded, in the XVI century, a united Europe going past the frontiers. The universitarian exchange in Europe couldn't find a best name.

Erasmus is also the abbrevation of EuRopean Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Student, chose by the European Union the 15th june of 1987.

What are Erasmus projects' objectives ?

  • Realising an European space for the higher education
  • Allowing student to take educational, linguistic and cultural advantages of an experience in others European countries
  • Promoting the cooperation between the higher education insitutions, and improving education environment in the reception institution
  • Contribuing to the creation of a skilled young people reservoir, who are open-minded and have an international experience as  future professionals

What are the conditions to benefit from the Erasmus project ?

  • Having the nationality of one of the countries in the European Union (or being officially identified as refugee, stateless of permanent foreign resident f the country)
  • Being between 18 and 30 years old
  • Being registered in a higher education institution, that lead to an universitarian diploma, or to an advanced degree certificate in one of the participant country
  • Having finished at least the first year of your univertarian studies
  • Places are limited, a student selection made by your University choose the ones who will be allowed to participate to the project. There are motivation and academic criterions (linguistic skills, universitarian marks)
  • Generally, a good language level is not obligated, but you have to consider that classes and exams are normally in the country language
  • Participating to the Erasmus Program is allowed once in your academic

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