Monthly budget for an Erasmus student in Spain

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Before going to study in Spain, it is important to know how much you are going to spend every month. Of course, it depends on your lifestyle, your lodging choice, etc. Here you have a rough monthly budget for an Erasmus student in Spain :

  • Lodging : between 100 and 600 euros, in function of the city (Madrid en Barcelona are more expansive) and the lodging, if you share a flat, of course the price will be cheaper.
  • Food : between 70 and 200 euros. Basic food is generally less expansive than in United Kingdom.
  • Transports : between 20 and 50 euros, one more time, it depends on the city you are living in, if you are in the city center, near to your University you can also always walk and don't spend money on public transport. Underground tickets cost around 1,50 euros, but you can buy monthly ratefor young people.
  • Leisure activities (shopping, sightseeing, trip in Spain, ...) : between 15 and 50 euros. If you decide to travel often in Spain,may be it will be more expensive. For shopping, Spanish shops as Zara, Mango, Stradivarius, Berska are cheaper in comparison to the prices in UK.
  • Parties : between 20 and 100 euros. Parties include going out, cinema or others cultural events as theater for instance. If there is a big variation with the budget, is because students don't have fun at the same pace. Even if the myth of reveller Erasmus student is often true, not all students are like this. In order to save up money, doing parties at home or in friends houses is cheaper than going fromone bar to another for example. The botellón is another cheaper option,but it depends on how many drinks you can gulp down !

Your monthly budget can vary from 250 euros (for people very penny-wise who share a flat in a small city and rarely go out), to 1000 euros (for people who live alone in a flat in a big city, who often go out and buy brands). Here you have two extremes, for people who are reasonable, who like to do party and enjoy the city, the average is more around 450 euros per month.

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