Finding lodgings in Madrid

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Sharing a flat seems to be the most economic solution, above all when you are student. If your roommates are nice, may be they will show you the city and the places where you would never go. Frequently, Erasmus students share a flat between then. The movie "The Spanish Inn" may be influence them again !

As an advice, I will say that it is better to look for a flat to share before going to Spain because you will avoid hours and hours online or in estate agency during your first week. You can choose about ten that seem interesting, and ask if you can come and visit when you will arrive, because sometimes you can be disappointed. The best way is to visit and then have your own opinion about the flat and your future roommates. If all goes well, in less than one week, you will find your room. If you always have been someone solitary, or if you don't like to share a flat, most of the websites below have single rooms or small flats.


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