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Why study in Spain?

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Spain has an attractive lifestyle, with sun, parties, sangría, tapas, an Erasmus year seems to become a holidays year ! Nevertheless, it would be a pity to forget all the others advantages that a year studying in Spain can provide.

A good Spanish level and one more line on your CV

First of all, Spanish is speaking by more than 400 millions of people in the entire world and it is the official language in 21 countries. Even if Spanish doesn't have English influence, it is one of the most important language for the global communication, the international politic and the worldwide market.

Think about your CV. Being binlingual or trilingual is, from now on, very important to find a job. And regrettably, language courses in England are not sufficient for a good oral and writing Spanish level. So, there nothing better than to learn immerged in  the country. But don't have illusions, you need at least three month in order to speak fluently. Becoming bilingual depends on you and how you integrate yourself in Spain. If you are all the day with English people, of course you will not be able to speak Spanish as if by magic.

A richy personal experience

In both personal and profesional point of views, an experience abroad is always very rewarding. Discovering new cultures, traditions, accepting everyone's differences, allow to be more open-minded and have a better flexibility, that employers will appreciate. It is also a chance to meet new people, make new friends and create a network.

Some students also say that they were more motivated to study in their own country, because the best students can choose the best destinations.

Moreover, Spain is less expansive than the United Kingdom. For the daily life, there is a difference with everything about food. For the smokers, it is very cheap in comparison with the UK. You can have a packet for 3 euros.

With all those advantages, Spain is the first destination in Europe for the Erasmus student. Maybe Cédric Klapisch's film "The Spanish Inn" convinces some student that studying in Spain is great!

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