Studying Journalism in Spain

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Students who want to become journalists, usually do a four year course in an University. Lectures are about the writing, the visual and the sound at the time. The goal is to create polvalent profiles, student who will be able to work in a newspaper, a television channel, a radio or online.

The common curriculum in all the Universities includes lectures as audio-visual and writing information, social context analysis, communication theory, advertising and public relations for the first two years of the degree and specialized Journalism, information duty, information technology and Journalism History for the second two years of the degre. Nevertheless, each University has her own specific lectures, it depends on her human and physical recources.

The required skills are the same than the journalism studies in the United Kingdom : analysis and synthesis abilities, decision making, critic mind and self-criticism, group work ease and a correct writing and speaking in Spanish, that is why a good level in this language is necessary.

The most important Universities are the following :


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