Internships abroad with Erasmus Placement

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Erasmus PlacementEramus Placement offers grants in order to do an internship in Europe. Since your first year in the University, you can go in another country during three to twelve month. However, if you are just doing a two-years degree, the minimum of month is two months instead of three.

What are the conditions to benefit from the Erasmus Placement Project ?

  • Conditions are the same if you want to study or do an internship with Erasmus program.
  • Internships can take place in a company, training or research center, or others organizations. There is a huge organizations choice.
  • Internships must have a placemet agreement (convenio de práctica) signed by your University and the company. With this you benefit from the National insurance.
  • However if you want to do an internship in europeans organizations or in state-owned companies (embassy, consulate, schools,cultural institutes), you can't with the Erasmus program. This is to avoid conflict of interest between grants for Europe and for Erasmus.

How much you can have with Erasmus Placement grants ?

Internships give without consultation a grant and the amount will vary in functions of the life in the host country and the student socio-economic situation. Normally, the grant is around 500 euros per month.

People note that you will be able to receive Erasmus grant just once in your academic years, one for the studies and one for the internship.

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