Finding lodgings in Barcelona

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If you have decided to have your Erasmus experience in Barcellona, one of the first problems you will have to solve is finding lodgings. Renting a room in a shared flat is usually the best solution, especially if you are an Erasmus student:  in this way, starting new friendships will be easier and you could save money. roommates The rents in Barcellona are not a cheap, starting from 300 euros and reaching 500 euros when the flat is located in the most central and required districts of the city. Finding a flat in Barcellona is not easy as someone might think, but neither is impossible, so you just will have to arm yourself with patience and goodwill and start looking for the flat most suited to you and your needs. If you think you are not going to have enough time to look for a flat when you will be there, you can try to get a contact with one of the several agencies that helps the Erasmus student to find a room. Below is a list of helpful website:

In Barcellona there are also a lot of private University Residences, in addition to the accomodations for which the differents Universities of Barcellona provide for. These kind of rooms are usually single or double rooms and are more expensive than a normal rented room, because offers some additional services like Wi-fi, cleaning of rooms and meals. Finally, you can find below the most used websites for finding/renting a flat in whole Spain.


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