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Finding a student job in Spain

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Erasmus grant sum is not very important, and if you don't have others incomes, living some months or one year in Spain will be difficult. A lot of Spanish people live in their parents house when they are studying in order to save up money every months. However, the ones who have to leave the family nest, are often obligated to work and study at the same time, some are doing 40 hours per weeks as well as studying. But don't worry you will not have to work as much !

With the European Union it is easier because you don't need any visa or work permit, just your identity card ! European citizen can work and study a the same time, provided that they don't spend more than 20 hours per week at work. If you have an employement contract, which is not often, you will need a resident card (tarjeta de residencia) after the first month. You can have it in a police station.

Here you have some ideas and advices in order to find easier a student job in Spain.

Working as au pair

Au pair in Spain student jobWorking as au pair has a lot of advantages. First of all, you have bed and broad, then you economize a lot. Moreover, the majority of the families give you a small payment because you look after their children. You will also get in touch with a Spanish family,  a good cultural and linguistic opportunity. The inconvenience is that you will may be not enjoy your Erasmus life as if you were sharing a falt with others students. Everything depends on the family, but generally you don't have a lot of free days.

Au Pair World is a website that will help you to find a family in Spain.

Giving English classes

Spanish people are obligated to learn English at school, but as a lot of countries in Europe, their level is not very high. Then, you will need ressourcefulness in order to find a "client". The word of mouth work the best, otherwise you will need to go in different schools or Universities to put advertisements.

Another option are the International schools that are numerusous in Spain. They exist in the biggest cities as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, etc. A lot of Spanish are studying in those schools and some never speak English in their house, and their parents can't realy help them for homeworks, so you can help them !

Sometimes, you can win earn 10 euros per hours. You don't have a lot of classes during the week, and if you need more money you can always find several students.

Working in bars and discotheque

Barman in Spain student jobSpain is known as a bars country. They are a lot of jobs in this areas but more demands, and Spanish people are privileged. However, in touristics areas and cities, they can be interested by a foreigner who speak several languages. You need to have a hell of a nerve and give your CV everywhere. If you speak a little to the bosses and you have the gift of gab, you can expect to find a job more rapidly.


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